My truck was packed full!

By on January 9, 2014


Thanks to your very generous donations Njeri and I delivered a full truck load of clothes, bedding, cooking utensils, plates, drinking glasses, silverware, washing supplies, bathroom rugs, curtains, a small cabinet, and some toys to Georgia and her family toady and spent a couple of hours with them.  My truck was packed full!  They send their thanks and gratitude to all along with wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Their time at the motel ended a week ago on Tues and since that time they have been spending a couple of nights at different friend’s houses sleeping on the floor.  The GREAT news is that Georgia was notified late last week that she is qualified for one of the limited FEMA trailer’s for up to a year.  The trailer will be on one of the properties to the west of town that escaped the flood.   They told her it should be available in the next couple of days — she is really hoping prior to Christmas.  The goods that we delivered today will go a long way in making the trailer livable.  Once she is in the trailer she will reassess what is still needed.  The United Way is providing beds and one of her girl’s teachers has given her a couch.   All this will give her some breathing space to begin finding a permanent trailer that she can buy and begin to look for work.  She was extremely excited about this good news and is hoping to be able to cook us dinner on our next visit.

Thank you and I wish all a very joyous and wonder filled Christmas!

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