Good news concerning Georgia and her family!

By on January 9, 2014


Good news concerning Georgia and her family!  Last week FEMA came through and provided a transition trailer for her and the kids to live in for up to one year.  She moved in late last week and is in the process of getting settled and assessing her situation and future needs.   This is the first time since the flood that she and the kids are not living in a motel or sleeping on the floor in someone’s basement.  The donations received have gone a very long way in furnishing the trailer and meeting her immediate needs.    I will be talking with her again later this week and then making a trip up next week so should have more info at that time to pass on.   There will still be some needs for day-to-day things like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, etc.  This allows her to be able to save the money she received from the loss of her trailer in the flood that she has left to be able to purchase another one when they become available.  It also allows her to look for employment once again and provides a steady and safe place for the kids.    Georgia passes along her thanks for all the generous donations of goods and money.  We are discussing a time when she and the kids can come here to Aurora and meet everyone.  She would like to prepare a dinner for everyone.

Peace, wayne

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